“I’m a Political Operative”

Ali Akbar, Ali Alexander .. People don’t come at him because he starts whisper campaigns?

Ali Alexander Akbar expresses that if you see him as an influencer, it’s because playing his role as an operative. In Internet years, he’s ancient. A Rino, but we should really be calling him a Dino. John McCain’s Operation thought highly of him.
Seems like Tucker didn’t do his research.

Oh god, do I have to work with… Hillbillies?! Quiet Alex Jones…You’re on my leash now
The far right might not like Ali, but it’s all in “The Family”
The Daily Mail Reports that my buddy Jacob Wohl took money from Ghislaine Maxwell to smear victims.
Jacob Wohl just tried to hijack the Trucker Convoy! … The tactic is common as you’ll see..

Ali: Oh I’m on a dream team! way to go Women for America First with the Facebook Group!

No! It was my movement! ( But it wasn’t Ali, you literally just told people it was…)
Who Started Stop the Steal? … Check the NYT below
Can’t beat it when the New York Times is accidently honest..
Can’t beat it when the New York Times is accidently honest..
Ali decided to just hijack the movement from the Kremers? Seems like it.. How did that work out? J6?
When you have Alex Jones so whipped.. You get him to lie that the Kremer’s movement is Ali and Stone’s.. Who were those other groups Alex?..The people you hijacked it from?…mmm?

Steve Bannon is at least honest. Take a look.
Charge! Alex Jones tries to rush the Kremer’s event! (Later he will claim he had no idea where he was…Not even kidding)

The batman and robin team of Alex and Ali claim they were top brass in January 6 organizing. Yet, they left a mountain of breadcrumbs on their deception.
Below Alex is bragging about his connection to Trump. Maybe he forgot he live-streamed the truth. In the next video, he’s seen being strung along by 2nd hand information of Trumps Events. Some Mysterious woman or at least a She.. is giving vague updates.

Is this what we call a smoking gun? Why yes.. yes it is
An Infowars promotional video pre January 6 shows the event was by Women for American First before the permit sniping
A new tone seemed to be set by Infowars

Alex Jones ‘threatened to THROW Trump supporter woman off stage at Stop The Steal rally’

https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14326349/conspiracy-theorist-alex-jones-threatened-throw-trump-supporter-offstage/ It seems Alex Jones has his sights set to destroy Kremers by any means necessary
Patrick Byrne Breaks down how January 6 was hijacked. Kremers sabotaged. And the priming for a high energy that would spark off the opposite that was planned. Also, a woman orbiting Pence help the sabotage? Who was that woman Alex Jones’s handler was relaying to him above?


Permit 21-0274


Permit 21-0278


A coalition pops up out of no where to the insert themselves and replace the organizing for January 5th and 6
So, it would seem during these parallel events to hijack the final event we find Qanon Shaman in Arizona Nov 5 2020, foreshadowing?
“Please can you talk about John McCain! Please!?” – Ali
so he was an operative all this time .. even then!? What’s with the accent slip!?
Ali tells the crowd overthrowing the government is an option